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PRM Security

Our objective is to ensure the protection of the people and the assets whether in a private, social or professional framework, by making available to individuals, enterprises and institutions a safe environment, made of qualified and competent staff, supported by technical and logistic means within the framework of an experienced expertise in matter of security, in conformity with the laws and regulations in force over the territory of the Republic.

PRM Security
About us

Our areas of intervention


This mission is defined as being called to ensure the security of persons and assets on private, public and professional sites.

Transportation of funds

This mission has to do with securing the transportation of fiduciary or material values whether in a private, professional or institutional framework.

Close security

This mission provides close security to people whose functions, notoriety or social or fortune status can attract the malicious intent of members of pressure groups or organized crime.

Technological surveillance

This mission has to do with the installation, the use and the maintenance of technological means of surveillance that can be made available or purchased by the customer.


This mission has to do with providing safety the access to institutions, enterprises, transportation sites – airports, port, festive, sport or event sites, parks, stadiums, esplanades, etc.

Private investigations

Assistance to persons in difficulty. The creating, execution and monitoring of temporary itinerant or sedentary missions, of experts, consultants, professionals in Haiti (reception, provision of driver, vehicle, close security agent, hotel reservation, contact, appointment, etc.)

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Experience in the area of private security

PRM has been practicing in Haiti for many years in the area of Security and Safety, especially with prestigious international institution such as the European Commission and some of its programs, but also for enterprises and individuals.

At the origin, a branch of a great multinational organization, leader in this area, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the Middle-East, as well as in Central Europe and the Balkans, it has integrated the experience and the know-how in the recruiting and the training of its employee, the operational as well as the logistic management of missions, the personalized monitoring of its customers.

PRM Security
PRM Security


  • Hand and shoulder weapons
  • Intervention vehicles
  • Reliable and wide-scope network of telecommunication operating 24/7
  • Protection equipment (bullet-proof vests, helmet, etc.)
  • Night light equipment
  • Police stick (Tonfa)
  • Metal detector

Quality of our services

In order to guarantee the quality of our services, we count on :

  • The competency and the efficiency of human resources: Our staff, employees and agents are recruited according to strict criteria.
  • The intransigence in regards to morality (the requirement of a clean criminal record, free of any condemnation).
  • The assurance of good physical conditions.
  • A basic training in the international standards provided by trainers aware of their responsibilities.
PRM Security

Our commitment

Your Security is our priority. We commit ourselves to ensure it with the same motivation 24 hours a day, day and night.

We listen to you to enable you to bring a solution to the problems which you could be facing in regards to security and safety, whether in your private and professional life or in your institution.

Your safety is our priority. We commit ourselves 24/7 to ensure it, with the same motivation day and night.

Our strong points



And Punctuality

Discretion - confidentiality

And Discipline - respect of orders

Sense of observation

And Team spirit

Physical condition

Good education and Presentation


Considering a safe environment

Quickness in execution

With mastering and analysis capacity

These different missions and services are provided by

Security agents (Safekeeping, access control, hostess)

Close security agents – Security driver (reception, accompaniment and protection of persons (airport, border, personalities, business man, and individuals]).

Controller – Patrol (assistance of security agents and emergency intervention – Patrol 24/7
Private investigators

Our communication assistants (Execution of travel and missions)